We apologize to all customers whose requests we can not honor,,ro,situation due to several factors,,ro,growing with,,ro,of the received requests,,ro,insufficient number of taxi cars,,ro,because the local authority does not allow extras,,ro,agglomeration = traffic blocking by multiplying the number of cars in the last,,ro,Monday in Pitesti,,ro , situatie datorata mai multor factori :

  • cresterea cu 100% a solicitarilor primite,
  • numarul insuficient de autoturisme taxi , deoarece autoritatea locala nu permite suplimentarea ,
  • aglomerarea=blocarea traficului prin inmultirea numarului de autoturisme aparute in ultimele 12 luni in Pitesti.

We suggest all clients,,ro,to have patience,,ro,when they are put on hold,,ro,it may take a few minutes,,ro,not to shut down,,ro,because we do our best to find a taxi for your location,,ro,Also, please, in the situation when I take your order and pass,,ro,minutes without getting a taxi from us,,ro,Call us to check what's happening,,ro,because of agglomery we may not be able to call back all clients to tell them if we can not honor their orders,,ro sa aiba rabdare atunci cand sunt pusi in asteptare(poate dura cateva minute) sa nu mai inchida , deoarece facem tot posibilul sa gasim taxi pentru locatia dumneavoastra; totodata va rugam ca in situatia in care dupa ce v-a preluam comanda si trec 5-6 minute fara sa ajunga taxi de la noi, sa ne sunati pentru a verifica ce se intampla ,din cauza aglomeratiei este posibil sa nu reusim sa sunam inapoi toti clientii pentru a le comunica daca nu le putem onora comenzile .

We always wish that all those who use our services are satisfied and only with your help we can improve performances, for suggestions and complaints please contact us by phone at 0248.221.205 or using the online form:

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